Ceramics Index




      database ref: P1075

      Height:  108 mm estimated - rim  missing   

       base diameter:  85 mm

       max diameter:  138 mm

       rim diameter:  mm rim missing

       body thickness:  3.0 - 4.0 mm


      database ref: P1114

      Height:  60mm 

       base diameter:  80 mm

       max diameter:  90 mm at rim

       rim diameter: 90 mm 

       body thickness:  4.3 - 4.7 mm

       inner glaze yellow



      database ref: P1116

      Height:  unknown - upper and rim missing 

       base diameter: 130 mm

       max diameter: 120 mm of parts available

       rim diameter: unknown 

       body thickness:  3.5 - 6.3 mm



       database ref: P1118

      Height:  73 mm   

       base diameter:  74.5 mm

       max diameter:  113 mm

       rim diameter:  72 mm 

       body thickness:  3.1 - 3.6 mm

      A Pipkin - this was usaually a cooking vessel particularly in mediaeval times. There are black traces on the base of this vessel which may indicate it was used for this purpose at Timperley moated site.


       database ref: P1133

      Height:  108 mm estimated -part base  missing   

       base diameter:  

       max diameter:  116 mm at rim

       rim diameter:   116 mm

       body thickness:  2.8 - 3.3 mm